Blaze Erase Blueprint

Our aim is loftier than most. 

Our mission is to empower people; help people feel sexy in their skin again 

Our commitment to you is getting real results.

Having experienced ineffective treatments myself, I understand the pain of not getting what was paid for. 

Our success did not come overnight. 

It took over a decade to tweak the energies, allowing us to hone our Blaze Erase Blueprint.  

We see people with various types of scars from around the country. 

We started with lasers, and optimized energy delivery. 

We then added other energies to further the speed of resolution and were able to consistently improve the quality of skin, depth and width reduction.

The wider the stretch mark, the longer it takes to resolve. With a much wider (and possibly deeper) dermis valley to fill in, erasure is still achievable. Wider  stretch marks require more sessions than  thin stretch marks. 

The Blaze Erase Blueprint is an innovative and  revolutionary method, helping people permanently remove their existing stretch marks. 

Our standards are high. 

We are passionate about stretch mark and scar removal.

Many laser providers have not taken the time to master their lasers to harness the full potential of their machines. 

We track progress, settings, and regularly evaluate what works and how to improve.

Our blueprint is tested, and proven. It simply works; fast. 

Our desire to deliver the results we would want is what drives us. 

The gratitude we get from satisfied clients, their joy and satisfaction, is what makes our day. 

Being able to be of service, to help people solve this frustrating problem, and being able to deliver solid, reproducible results,  is a matter of the pride we take in our work. 

Our revolutionary,  unique approach, is an opportunity for those with unwanted stretch marks, to finally get remarkable results.  

We would be honored to help you make your stretch marks and scars a memory.