Meet Sangita Patel MD

sangita patel m.d. troy miDr. Patel was born and raised in Michigan, and excelled in academics from an early age, attending summer university courses at Harvard during high school.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, as well as a graduate degree in Toxicology, from the School of Public Health. 

She received her Medical Degree from Michigan State University and attended Yale University in Stamford, CT for her rotations in plastic surgery and cardio thoracic surgery. 

She completed Burn Surgery Fellowship training at John H Stroger Hospital of Cook County - Chicago, IL and has been specializing in wound care, burn care, general surgery and surgical scar revision ever since.  

In 2012 she started ongoing training in:

Botox wrinkle reduction, Botox brow lifts, Targeted filler treatment of wrinkles, Scar aesthetic medical treatment, Laser scar reduction and erasure, Laser stretch mark reduction and erasure, Laser pore size reduction and erasure, Laser acne scar subcision and resurfacing, Advanced laser hair removal technology, Advanced wound care technologies, and Burn scar revision.

Dr. Patel’s overlapping experience in general surgery, wound care and burns, cosmetic surgery, and her understanding of orthomolecular nutrition in healing, gives her a unique approach to skin care.  She uses many pearls of wisdom to improve outcomes and minimize scarring, so that your skin will heal fast and gain strength rapidly. Simply put, Dr. Patel understands skin - how it gets damaged, how it heals, and how it responds to technology.  

Dr. Patel knows through experience that technology in the wrong hands is not only ineffective, but can also be dangerous.  She insists on putting your safety first and keeps this in mind when choosing next-generation technology. At Iconic Medical Skin & Laser Center, you can count on receiving products and services based on the most advanced skin care science that will give you noticeably improved skin, safely.