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Cavitation & Radiofrequency

The principals of operation of the cavitation and radio frequency machines are basically quite simple. Energy in the form of radio frequency waves is directed at stubborn fat deposits. This energy causes the fatty tissues to heat up. The heat generated breaks down the fat cells into substances which can then be easily absorbed into the blood stream and be discarded from the body through normal metabolic function.Although the principals of operation have remained the same since the very beginning of RF cavitation, cosmetic machinery manufacturers have been producing ever more advanced cavitation and radio frequency machine models. Newer machines allow practitioners to better adjust and direct the RF energy for each individual patient. This heightens the treatment's safety as well as its efficacy.

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►Iconic Radiofrequency Face (Non-Invasive skin tightening)
►Iconic Radiofrequency Body (Non-Invasive skin tightening)
►Iconic Radiofrequency Cavitation (Non-Invasive skin tightening + ultrasound & laser fat reduction)
►Iconic Needle Radiofrequency (invasive-needles into skin- stronger skin tightening)

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