Iconic Signature 7 Peel

Nicknamed by our loyal clients as “the best peel I have ever had” and we strive to live up to its reputation by sourcing the worlds top peeling agents.

Iconic Signature 7 Peel

The Iconic Signature 7 is a chemical peel that has more benefits than the standard glycolic peel as it is customized by the doctor to treat the specific needs of each client.

It involves using multiple low strength peeling agents in seven layers  applied over 45 minutes.

Depending on each person's individual skin improvement goals, our master peeling physician chooses the ideal mix of peeling agents, one by one by,  to treat a number of skin concerns within a single session.

Overall, this peel achieves greater luminosity, brighter even tone with minimizing pores and a complete skin turn over within 7-10 days with reduced risk of side effects.

The 7 layer application of lower percentage acids minimizes peeling risks and maximizes skin turnover return to deliver its title worthy  iconic skin results of smoother tighter brighter clearer and overall more luminous youthful looking skin