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Say goodbye to tired, dull skin – and hello to a brighter, younger-looking you!

ThreeForMe™ is a groundbreaking facial rejuvenation treatment that combines the power of laser technology to address multiple skin concerns in a single session. This innovative procedure targets wrinkles, sun damage, and facial veins, resulting in a more youthful and vibrant complexion. In this article, we explore the benefits of ThreeForMe™, the treatment process, and why it has become a popular choice for individuals seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Only ThreeForMe™ laser treatments address three common skin concerns – wrinkles, sun damage and facial veins – all within one procedure. The procedure is only 30 minutes and has minimal downtime, getting you the best results possible while still fitting within your busy schedule.

How it works

ThreeForMe™ is exclusive to the clinically-proven Icon™ laser and is performed in two steps. 

  1. The first step addresses discoloration and facial veins using an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology.  
  2. The second step addresses wrinkles and fine lines using a “microbeam” laser technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production – the keys to the support structure of our skin. 

Combining these technologies provides the benefits of both in less time – giving you the younger-looking skin you want, only sooner!

What to Expect

You will see continued improvement in the skin’s appearance during and after a course of 1-3 treatments with visible results after each individual treatment. You may see results in facial veins immediately after the treatment along with a darkening of the brown spots. These spots will flake off over the next one to three weeks leaving you with a glowing appearance. Lastly, you will see progressive results on any fine lines, wrinkles or scarring over the next six months as your skin naturally responds to the treatment.

It’s as easy as one, two, ThreeForMe™.

Nitrous-Oxide available upon request.

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  1. The Advantages of ThreeForMe™: ThreeForMe™ offers a range of advantages that make it an exceptional treatment for facial rejuvenation. Here are the key benefits:
  • Comprehensive treatment: With ThreeForMe™, you can address multiple skin concerns in one session. It effectively targets fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage (including age spots and discoloration), as well as facial veins or vascular lesions, providing a comprehensive solution for facial rejuvenation.
  • Enhanced collagen production: The laser energy stimulates collagen production, which helps improve skin elasticity, texture, and firmness, leading to a more youthful appearance.
  • Minimal downtime: ThreeForMe™ is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. The minimal downtime makes it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Long-lasting results: Over time, the improvements from ThreeForMe™ treatments continue to enhance your skin's appearance, with results that can last for several months.
  • Customizable treatment: Each ThreeForMe™ session can be tailored to address your specific concerns, ensuring personalized treatment plans and optimal results.
  1. Understanding the ThreeForMe™ Process: The ThreeForMe™ treatment combines two powerful laser technologies to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Here's an overview of the treatment process:

    a. Consultation: Before undergoing ThreeForMe™, schedule a consultation. We will evaluate your skin concerns, discuss your goals, and determine if ThreeForMe™ is the right treatment for you.

    b. Treatment Session: During the ThreeForMe™ session, the provider will use a handheld device that emits laser energy. The first pass of the laser targets and treats discoloration and sun damage, while the second pass targets wrinkles and stimulates collagen production.

    c. Comfort and Safety: The laser device is equipped with built-in cooling mechanisms to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. The procedure is generally well-tolerated, but your provider may apply a numbing cream or use other techniques to minimize any discomfort.

    d. Post-Treatment Care: After the session, you may experience mild redness or swelling, but these effects are temporary and typically subside within a few hours. Your provider will provide specific aftercare instructions to help you maintain and maximize your results.
  1. Why Choose ThreeForMe™: ThreeForMe™ has gained popularity due to its ability to address multiple skin concerns in a single treatment session. Here are the reasons why individuals choose ThreeForMe™ for their facial rejuvenation needs:

    a. Time-efficient: By combining multiple treatments into one session, ThreeForMe™ allows you to achieve significant results while minimizing the time commitment compared to separate treatments.

    b. Comprehensive rejuvenation: ThreeForMe™ effectively targets wrinkles, sun damage, and facial veins, providing a comprehensive solution to rejuvenate your overall facial appearance.

    c. Safe and proven technology: The lasers used in ThreeForMe™ have been extensively studied and proven to be safe and effective for facial rejuvenation, providing peace of mind during the treatment.

    d. Personalized treatment plans: Each ThreeForMe™ session can be tailored to address your specific concerns, ensuring that your treatment plan aligns with your unique skincare goals.

    e. Confidence boost: ThreeForMe™ can enhance your self-confidence by rejuvenating your skin, helping you look and feel your best.

To experience the transformative power of ThreeForMe™ and unveil a more youthful and vibrant appearance, schedule a consultation with a reputable ThreeForMe™ provider near you. Reveal your skin's radiance and rediscover a renewed sense of confidence with ThreeForMe™ today!

ThreeForMe™ Frequently Asked Questions

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