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  • Carrie S.
    Carrie S.

    If you are looking for a doctor who can transform any flaw from large to small, I highly recommend Dr. Patel! For the last few years I have been going for botox treatments to fix my "11" lines that made me look unapproachable and angry all the time, she has also helped my mother in law with botox and a non-surgical face lift (plasma) and we went a few days ago to get botox and filler, Dr. Patel takes all the time she needs to make sure your results are exactly what you want and always makes sure we have left happy EVERY-TIME! Her prices are great, the staff is friendly and helps from start to finish whether it be getting you a coffee while you wait or just sitting next to you for support, I will never go anywhere else my trust is right here! Don't miss out on the amazing results and specials!

  • Joleczka E
    Joleczka E

    I got an email for the 3 for me that claimed to improve dull and dry skin .. and I realized that that was exactly my issue. Every time I looked in the mirror I felt like I looked tired and worn out .. Makeup just wasn't going on well... I kept trying to put on heavy moisturizer, but that wasn't addressing the issue. After a summer of being out in the sun and wind, poor nutrition, and now the dryness of fall, I really ended up with just layers of dull skin and redness, inflammation etc. Basically no glow. I decided to go in for a consult and she did a couple of zaps with the laser and it was really tolerable ... I have a very very low pain tolerance so I was scared. We numbed my face and neck for about 45 minutes and then the treatment started. No pain whatsoever. We started with the photo rejuvenation treatment - that addresses red spots - oh and the few age spots that I'm starting to develop.... then we switched to the 2nd laser which is the resurfacing one... this was for fine lines and stimulating new collagen and elastin that I was already starting to lose at my age. Again, no pain ... except at the very end of the treatment, the numbing started to wear off a bit... and there are some more sensitive areas on the forehead. So I could feel it, but it still was ok. Like a rubber band snapping. After the treatment I was red and warm, not like a bad sun burn that hurts, but more like a wind burn that's tight. That improved over the next 36 - 72 hours ... and by that 4th day I was totally normal ... for a few days I could tell surface layers of skin were shedding. It's been almost 3 weeks now and I am already seeing the results ... I guess it takes some time for the collagen and elastin to build underneath. The redness - I saw about 70% improvement already. I definitely want to get 1 or 2 more treatments as she suggested. Thanks Dr. Patel!!

  • Anna Wdowiak
    Anna Wdowiak

    I’m very happy with my laser hair removal treatment at Iconic I highly recommend it. Great resolutes so far, might need only one or two more appointments. They have very good laser equipment and treatments are pain free! Fair prices, friendly and professional stuff.

  • Tara K
    Tara K

    Okay seriously if you need Botox this is the place to go!! I have the worst forehead lines ever! I'm sure it has to do with having 4 kids lol The doctor there did a great job! I seriously feel 10 years younger! Very cost efficient and quick too which is what I like. I also just began to have laser hair removal and the machine she has is virtually pain free! I've gone somewhere in the past and it felt like they were burning me and I smelt like my flesh was burning. I only did 2 treatments and I quit going because it was unbearable! I highly recommend Iconic to go for your beauty needs!

  • I went here to get a chemical peel and i am very impressed. it's my first one so I wasn't aware of how many chemical peels there are and what they all do. But the staff there is very knowledgeable and very helpful with that. For me it made me feel really comfortable to have somebody give me guidance about what would work best for me and how I could get great results. I'll definitely be booking another appointment, to do a red light mask I believe it's called, for acne, thank you again for all your help.

  • Hilary Davoudi
    Hilary Davoudi

    Dr. Patel is absolutely amazing! My Botox was quick painless and worth every penny! Thank you doc!

  • Monika SK
    Monika SK

    Great place and professional service! Hair removal is painless thanks to the one of the best quality laser.

  • Carmel Black
    Carmel Black

  • Sharon Howard
    Sharon Howard

    I loved my chemical peel!! Great job by Dr. Patel and her staff, will be back soon!!

  • Nikhil Vora
    Nikhil Vora

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